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From a one-hour virtual workshop to a full day team immersion, our tailored experiences will leave advisors feeling ready to influence their clients, teams, and communities.


Let's Work Together.

You understand the importance of investing in your business and your team. Inefficiencies cause teams to waste time, and inconsistent processes become challenging to manage...not to mention, impossible to grow.

You know the drill: register, pay a fee, attend the conference, get some ideas and inspiration and then hope something sticks. You start the week off motivated...but little changes. We've all been there.

The Four Wings Experience is different. Our workshops bring relevant and interesting ideas you and your team can implement right away.


The i(4) Experience

The i(4) Experience is a workshop attended by advisors and their teams. We will spend time diving deep into four main pillars: Identity, Implementation, Influence and Integration.

Your entire team will leave re-energized with tons of new ideas and a clear 90-day action plan to influence your clients and your community.

The Agenda


  • brain download¬†& crafting your vision
  • integration vs. balance
  • Q10 Tracker: where your vision and to-do list come together


  • integration ideas, inspiration & action items
  • rethink the impossible about schedules, blending work¬†& personal life
  • create more confetti moments


  • weekly case prep
  • scheduling technology
  • staff meetings
  • time blocking
  • note templates
  • meeting agendas
  • annual planning


  • marketing¬†& branding
  • team cohesion: job descriptions, philanthropy & appreciation language
  • client experience: branding ideas, events & gifts

We have a variety of workshops for teams of all sizes.

i(4) Experience

Request our signature workshop for your practice. Customizable for individual advisor practices or many advisor teams. 

Transitioning to Fee-Based Planning

How to deal with your own objections, plan for the change, and communicate to your clients. It's time to build a sustainable fee-based practice.

Integration Sweet-Spot

Erase the notion of work-life balance.  It's time to fully integrate all aspects of your life, and this workshop will teach you how to do it. Balance is out, integration is in.

Business Growth & Expansion

Feeling overwhelmed as a sole practitioner? Let's talk about teaming, sharing staff, and hiring your own people.

For Staff

How to provide an outstanding client experience through repeatable processes, elevates sales support, and operational excellence.

Book Club

Interested in building more confetti moments for your team and clients? Host a book club focused on Amy's book, Confetti Moments.


What workshop attendees had to say:

"You guys are ROCKSTARS! I love the way you speak so clearly, emotionally, intentionally and knowledgeably (not necessarily in that order!)"

- Advisor with a team of 4

"This was a well organized workshop with so much information! You are so generous with all these templates. This was by far the most helpful coaching session I have ever attended. Thank you!"

- Advisor with 10 years of experience

"I feel very inspired to continue the process of implementing structured workflows - better yet, I know how to make it happen because you just showed us exactly how."

- Advisor with 2 years of experience


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