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We're not limited to the financial industry.

Hire Amy to speak at your virtual or in-person event. 

When you schedule Amy Jamrog to speak, she delivers. With a variety of possible topics, we're sure you will find a speech that will leave your team inspired and motivated.

Cue the Confetti

 Based on Amy's best-selling book, Confetti Moments, this presentation will leave you inspired to infuse more confetti moments into your everyday life. 

Top 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Money

Money matters can be complicated. This talk covers the top mistakes people make with their money—and how to avoid them.


What's your philanthropic philosophy? This presentation helps you align your giving with your values and plan for giving both during and after your lifetime.

Life Savings Conversations

Inspired by Amy's first book, Life Savings Conversations, this talk covers four of the most impact-ful conversations you need to have in your lifetime. 

Happiness in Retirement

 What actually makes people happy, and what does "happy" even mean? It's never too early (or too late) to plan for a retirement where you feel energized, inspired, and secure.

Recruit, Retain and Run Your Business Like A Rockstar

Designed for the financial services industry, this keynote addresses how to recruit & retain good advisors, and how to lead by example.


"Amy's presentations seamlessly blend wisdom for growing your business with the essential elements of living an amazing life. Their insights offer a holistic perspective that can benefit both your career and personal well-being. Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from Amy's talks. It's the perfect recipe for success in both your professional and personal life."

Alessandro Tronco, Managing Partner at Northwestern Mutual

Meet Amy Jamrog, CFP®

 Amy is a business owner, financial advisor, best-selling author, coach, and keynote speaker. Throughout her career, she has recognized that learning and teaching are pivotal in staying relevant. This realization led her to have a broader influence within the industry. Her creation of Four Wings Consulting not only centered on sharing ideas with fellow advisors, but also extended to delivering compelling presentations that aim to empower and enlighten professionals from all backgrounds.

Amy is known for her ability to quickly connect with and captivate an audience. Amy's commitment to making the complex simple and instilling enthusiasm in her audience makes her a sought-after speaker, leaving a trail of inspiration and motivation wherever she speaks.


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